How to Learn

The purpose of this course is to give you inside-information about the latest insights and developments in Dr. Jim Conroy's interactive and healing work with trees, plants, crops, forests--the whole plant kingdom. He founded a new science-based field he calls "Holistic Healing for Trees and all Plant from the Inside Out and Coming From Their Point of View."

He and his partner, Basia Alexander, are thought-leaders and pioneers out on the leading edge of a new paradigm: Partnering With Nature. The fundamental idea of this new mindset are that trees are living, conscious beings who are in need of people's mindful healing efforts because of the damaging effects of climate extremes.

Most of the content in this course consists of on-location videos by Dr. Jim Conroy. Most videos are NOT rehearsed or scripted. When we make these videos, they are inspired by the "tree whispering" or "BioBalia Nature Interplay" that Dr. Jim has done just moments before. He is often still "in the zone" with the tree, plant, crop, or forest that he is talking about. So, that video will be highly targeted to a living topic. Some lessons have written explanations with the video, if it is needed.

The few videos that Dr. Jim may have a plan or bullet point list ready for doing ... well, he doesn't like scripting anything. So you will always be hearing what is "top of mind" for him in that location.

Hopefully, most videos are self-explanatory. If not, we recommend that you take at least The 101 Course here at BioBalia Institute School. These courses are not pre-requisites, but would be helpful.

If you have questions or comments please be sure to put them into the comment zone. Your input could inspire another video.

Dr. Jim Conroy has been The Tree Whisperer since 2002. He and Basia Alexander, his partner and co-founder of this school, have been co-developing the mindful methods that they use and teach.

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