Welcome to the Basic 5 Step Connection Process Experience


Please view my "welcome" video below. It's under 3 minutes.

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Welcome Friends! I am Basia Alexander, your guide for this connection experience with trees, plants and Nature.

Thank you for joining me on this simple and easy adventure of connection with a tree or plant.  

You can expect to de-stress, feel inner peace, and even enjoy some kind of healing. But more than that, you’ll experience kinship and reciprocity with the consciousness — you might say the “spirit” — of a tree or plant that you care about.  

It’s not hard. It does not require any special gifts. Anyone can connect in the unrivaled ways I’ve developed because I needed an easy, simple, no-special-gifts way to originally make my early connection. And that’s the way I will lead you. 

What’s different about my methods is that I come from the trees’ or plant’s point of view. That means that I will guide you to experience a connection with that Living Being as if you were standing in its roots, seeing through its eyes, or feeling its very being. Today’s experience will be a journey into a tree’s or plant’s world to find out what its life is like while you come from its point of view. 

I believe that connecting with trees and plants is not only a pleasant experience for humans but it also has to have a positive result for the tree or plant, from the inside-out. Sadly, many of the trees, plants, crops, forests, herbs and medicinal plants that we rely on are stressed, sick, or damaged now due to climate extremes and/or human interferences. Look, a sick or damaged Being can’t heal you or rejuvenate the planet. So your active attentions and mutual connections in today’s experience will help them. 

I’ve been guiding people to have these relaxing and sometime profound experiences since 2004. It never fails that someone comes up to be afterward to tell me how much it meant to them… how much the experience opened their eyes to the world of trees and plants. I hope you also have a deeply meaningful experience… and if you want to comment, you can use the form below or, better yet, write me an email. My address is just below this video. 

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