Welcome to

BioBalia Institute School

You're in the right place if you care about trees, plants, and forests and your own future on a livable planet.

Do you feel concerned about the effects of climate extremes?

We are very concerned.

That's why our school has a globally unique approach to environmental education.

We teach BioBalia Nature InterPlay™. That means INTERACTING in conscious collaboration with trees, plants, crops, forests, and ecosystems so that they and people are mutually healed.

Our courses empower people to help Nature Beings

  • get healthy first,
  • then protect themselves in climate extremes.

All that’s good for people, too. 

You can help trees, plants, crops, forests, ecosystems. And you benefit while you help.

Top 10 Benefits

  1. Gain practical tree info
  2. Enjoy heart-based connection experiences -- feel the inner peace of interconnection with other living Beings
  3. Access new mindset thinking
  4. Find out about the relevant sciences
  5. Get your curiosity satisfied
  6. Receive insights into how trees really operate from the inside out (No botany needed. Not conventional thinking)
  7. See positive before/after results
  8. Become empowered in the face of climate extremes
  9. Learn innovative skills and methods for healing the inner health of trees, plants, and forests; help them withstand climate extremes by using mindful, practical, proactive steps. 
  10. Gain inspiration for restoring a livable planet and hope for the future.

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Jim Conroy, PhD in Plant Pathology and a 30+ year career as an executive in Ag-Chem, is now The Tree Whisperer®. Go to his website to find out more about his 20 years of development and use of BioBalia Nature InterPlay® to improve the health of trees, plants, crops, forests, and ecosystems.

His latest innovations in consciousness-based collaborative interactions with Nature include enabling plants of every kind to protect themselves from climate extremes.


...is the only websites to share these and other secrets for a positive, environmentally-sane, and livable future:

  • how to have meaningful and mutually beneficial connection experiences with a tree or plant of any kind.
  • how to survive and even thrive in climate extremes
  • why people need MUTUAL HEALING with trees or plants of any kind
  • why humanity needs to shift from human-centric arrogance to nature-centric and consciously collaborative partnership with Nature's living Beings.
  • and other secrets for a livable planet...