People enjoy our courses. We are grateful.

Whether we teach a live class or online, our purpose is to move people forward in their lives, give them good experiences, and empower them with solid skills.

“Awesome course! No fill. All powerful and relevant. At first it seemed beyond me, but then it all made sense. I loved the technique. Very impressed with the organization and presentation of materials.”

Ann Moroney, College Professor, NY

“Very high integrity work. I love this movement towards a gentle, respectful, non-violent world.” 

Kristen Ragusin, Financial Advisor, MA

"I have a new and deeper relationship now with the trees that I love so much!"

Mary McNerney, Lawyer, MA

"I thought it was a perfect balance between lecture, practice, and meditation." 

Opal Rogers, Teacher, VA

"The course went beyond my expectations. It's the BioBalance effort. This is the way to save the planet. Gives me hope."

David Slade, Arborist, CT

"I thank Dr. Jim and Basia for the good work that they do, bringing the trees' message to the world."

Robyn Dolgin, Professional Gardener, CO

"I felt that the healing efforts went both ways, and that my well-being was improved." 

Lori Gold, Executive Assistant, CT

"I loved the materials presented. I wish it could be longer. Please have another level."

Terri McGrath, Social Worker, NY

"I would recommend the course to others! I learned so much!"

Mona Forney, Homemaker, CT

“Learned so much. Want to involve you with the college where I teach.”

Suzanne Bernhardt, College Professor, PA

"I would like a week-long course." 

Elise Ferencevych, Healer, NJ

"It met and exceeded my expectations.”

David Scarinci, Landscaper, NJ