12 Ways your life will transform by reading this booklet:

  1. You’ll gain insight into what BioBalia Institute and its initiatives PartnerWithNature.org and TheTreeWhisperer.com are all about. 
  2. By reading our 11 Basic Concepts, you will have the chance to examine your own ideas and beliefs about yourself, your place in the world, and about conventional science.  
  3. Old sciences vs. new sciences suggests that there is more to YOUR “reality” than current culture teaches. 
  4. Holism. See for yourself how conventional and leading-edge thinking about trees, plants, and Nature are contrasted. 
  5. Learn why trees, plants, crops, and forests quality as living systems with intelligence. 
  6. Find out about the bio-electric-field that your own heart generates and how it interfaces with the bioenergy fields that all living Beings generate. 
  7. See how consciousness is being studied and described. 
  8. Be moved in mind and spirit by a quote about where Oak trees come from. 
  9. Be lead to evidence of amazing practical uses of consciousness. 
  10. Find out: for probably much of your own life-time, trends in current culture are headed toward a massive and positive shift that is transforming humanity for the better. 
  11. Be inspired to take your own steps toward conscious co-creativity with Nature. 
  12. Re-awaken the hope within you that the effects of climate extremes on trees, plants, crops, and forests can be overcome. 

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Contents of this 18 page PDF Booklet

• Who are we? Our Vision

• 11 Basic Concepts Underpinning our Leading Edge Methods

• Old Sciences vs. New Sciences

• New Ideas Slowly Filter into Current Culture

• Holistic Science of Living Systems

• Study of Human & Plant BioEnergy Fields

• BioEnergy Fields Overlap

• Study of Consciousness Overlapping

• Integration of Spirituality and Science

• Methods of Conscious Co-Creativity

• Breakthroughs for Tree & Forest Survival in Climate Extremes

Your investment in yourself!