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In this free first video, Dr. Jim Conroy says:

  • Trees need to restart their internal functionality because they get "stuck" and blocked inside.
  • Trees have a unique opportunity NOW to reset their systems.
  • They can start to grow again now instead of starting spring by compensating for climate extremes.
  • The easy simple processes you'll get will address these situations and help trees withstand further climate extremes.

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Dr. Jim Conroy, The Tree Whisperer, is your guide.

He is not only an expert Nature Communicator but has developed bioenergy and consciousness-based systems for healing trees from the inside-out.

There is urgency!

Climate extremes are dangerous to trees, and your trees' inner health may be compromised--without your knowing.

He will show you how to help your trees NOW... to regain health and prepare for a good growing season.

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How will your life transform because you do this course?

You’ll answer Dr. Jim Conroy—The Tree Whisperer’s— call to you. He implores you to help your trees because he has received many trees’ messages and speaks for them. He says, “In these climate extremes, they are hurt. They need help. They are asking for help.”

And he says that NOW is the time. All trees everywhere have a unique opportunity to reboot their inner functionality. 

If your mind and heart are open, listening to Dr. Jim Conroy’s enthusiasm for the trees and his stunning insights into how trees really operate from the inside-out will electrify your imagination, leave you with a sense of awe and wonder, and jolt you into action. 

In his course Reboot Trees in Spring, you’ll receive his simple, easy process— it’s a visualization process — that will help the trees in the only way that really works: Collaborative Consciousness. 

Taking part in the process he offers in the Reboot Trees in Spring course will not only give you the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve done the only thing that really helps trees in climate extremes, but it will bond you to Nature as never before.  

What can you expect?

  1. Realize that trees don’t just automatically “wake up” to growth in spring. Get eye-opening information about what trees really need as they meet the challenge of trying to grow again in spring. Find out why timing is so important. 

  2. Become privy to a profound and instructive message directly from trees’ consciousness, as relayed by Dr. Jim Conroy. See photos of the trees that gave that message. 

  3. Find out what collaboration in consciousness means between trees and people. 

  4. Hear the phrase “human-centric” and find out what it means to be plant centric. 

  5. Hear about what’s happened recently to compromise trees’ health in the Northeast USA, California, and Utah… Those trees represent trees all over the world in similar conditions. 

  6. Find out about the most dangerous climate extremes for trees’ inner health.

  7. Learn the REAL solution—not human-centric “educated guesses”— for trees to quickly shift from compensating for climate extremes toward more normal inner functionality. 

  8. Feel validated in your own previous experiences of intuitive insight with trees or plants. 

  9. Feel inspired and empowered. YES! YOU can do something to help trees in these times of climate extremes 

  10. Gain direction for what you can do. Find out exactly how to help your own trees “wake up” to healthy growth during this window of opportunity they have now. 

Your Investment in yourself and your trees: